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Story Submissions:

1)	Each episode should be no less than 5,000 words and no more than 
	15,000 words.  

2)	Episodes should be divided into a TEASER and three ACTS.  You may 
	have a TAG if you wish it.  

3)	Each Act should be divided into numbered scenes.  Continue the 
	numbering through all three act (don’t start over with scene one 
	each time you start an act).  

4)	All stories must focus on the main characters of Star Trek: The 
	Next Generation the Fan Season (in other words: Picard, Riker, La 
	Forge, Data, Dr. Crusher, Troi and Lt. Seiyan).  

	Because Lt. Seiyan is a fictional character created for the
	purposes of the Star Trek FAN SEASON, a brief character bio is 
	below to help you when it comes to writing for her.  

5)	Absolutely NO Mary-Sue stories where a new crewmember comes to the
	ENTERPRISE and outdoes the regular crew.  The Fan Season is about
	the crew of the ENTERPRISE!

6)	No episodes where new family members or lost loves arrive to greet 
	our cast members.  More freedom will be allowed with regard to Lt. 
	Seiyan as she is a fictional character designed to fill the 
	security spot voided by Worf.

7)	No CROSSOVERS!  *Mentions* of DS9 and VOY characters is alright, and 
	you	can “tag” the episode with a scene of DS9 that allows us to 
	“place” the	fan-season episode. DO NOT CROSSOVER with other sci-fi

8)	Because the Federation is at war, it is HIGHLY unlikely that the 
	ENTERPRISE will be engaged in exploration/diplomatic and like 
	missions.  If your story hinges on this type of mission, you have 
	to be sure to explain HOW the ENTERPRISE can be doing this during 
	a time of war in a believable way.

9)	You may not kill off any FAN SEASON characters, including Picard, 
	Riker, Data, LaForge, Crusher, Troi, Lt. Seiyan, Nurse Ogawa or 

10)	Continuing the "PG" tradition of Star Trek, no detailed sex scenes!

Have a story submission?  Send it here!

Include your name, e-mail address, and a paragraph description of the 
story.  I will get return your e-mail as soon as possible and inform
you about your "due date" (two weeks before the episode "airs") and 
formatting needs for Star Trek: FAN SEASON.

	Human female, 27 years old, of Nordic descent.  A “Starfleet brat” 
	whose parents are both dead of unspecified causes and who has at least 
	two brothers, one of whom went into Starfleet.  

	Recruited off the Indominatble by Capt. Picard following the Borg 
	incident (“First Contact”).  Once served on the Yorktown with Captain 
	Phil Vilardo, now commanding USS Boylar.  Graduated thirteenth in her 
	class from Starfleet Academy.    


	The ENTEPRRISE is a SOVEREIGN CLASS starship.  She is 680 meters long
	and has 24 decks.  She carries quantum and torpedoes in addition to the
	full load of phaser capaciters.  She does not carry families or 
	civillians, and Guinan is not a crewmember.  


The Dominion has subjegated planets.