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Is he just a janitor?  Or
perhaps an Immortal as well?

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You're probably asking yourself what the 1998 movie "Urban
Legends" has to do with Highlander.  "Why did he put a link
to URBAN LEGENDS off his Highlander page?"  I can hear you

Well, if you've seen the movie, I'm sure you might know where
I'm heading.

The "Killer" (for those of you who haven't seen the film) is 
shot, thrown out of a third-story window and finally flies 
off a bridge during a rainstorm, his/her body is never 
found...but he/she appears in a coda, set about five to 
ten years later, correcting the student who told the 
"Urban Legend" about the movie by saying that he "got it 
wrong." could all this happen?  Shouldn't she 
be dead?  Well...consider.

Julian Richings (who plays BASIL MORGAN on Highlander: The 
Raven) is in the movie!

Isn't it obvious?  Basil is working at a janitor at the college
URBAN LEGENDS is set at.  He notices a pre-Immortal student,
and when he/she begins killing people, he tries to help one of
his/her intended victims (he winds up in a car crash, looking
pretty banged up).  Being Immortal, he recovers and sets out
to find the pre-Immortal (who by this time has been shot, 
thrown out of a third story window and had his/her body swept
away by a river, triggering his/her Immortality).  

They fight.  Obviously, Basil doesn't take his/her head because
he/she is in the final scene.  Basil must have lived (or else
he couldn't appear in "Raven"), so it must've somehow turned
out to be a stalemate...perhaps he was never able to find her?

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