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Jeff Benson

*NEW!* The crew of the ENTERPRISE fight the Dominion every week! *NEW*

I have been a Star Trek fan for over ten years.  I first got hooked as
I watched episodes of "The Next Generation" on Sunday's during the
show's first season.  

 (The "Next Generation" feature films) 

When "Deep Space Nine" premiered in 1993, I eagerly tuned in and was
not dissapointed.  So, when "Voyager" premiered, I also thought I would
love it as much as "TNG" & "DS9".  

I was wrong.  I gave "Voyager" a chance and it failed.  So that's all
I'm going to say about that (as Forrest Gump might say).  


I am going to be posting some "Star Trek" fanfiction to my fan-
fic collection site, which can be reached by the link to your
left (or right, if you're dyslexic).  


Starbase 123 reports that Federation Starships have docked.