The premise of this light hearted comedy has it that a U.S. senator
from Massachusets is losing in the polls - so he sends a trusted aid, 
Marcy, to Ireland to find his Irish ancestors and align the Irish vote 
in Boston.  When Marcy arrives in the small Irish town her boss if from
she discovers that her arrival has coincided with a matchmaking 
	Janeane Garfalo plays Marcy, the political aid.   As do all of her 
characters, Marcy has a deep sarcastic edge - a shield to protect her 
from the outside world.  Other supporting characters include Denis 
Leary (“The Ref”) as a political aid, Milo O’Shea as a local matchmaker
and David O’Hara (“Braveheart”) as Marcy’s love interest.    
	Directed by Mark Joffe, this is a movie that is sure to cheer you 
up on a dreary day.  

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