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Jeff Benson

About Jeff

 I was born in August, 1978.  I live in Columbia, MD and am currently
 attending Howard Community College.  I'm a Social Sciences major (that
 means History!) and will (hopefully) be transfering to Towson 
 University this spring or next fall!
 I am a movie buff.  I own quite a few.  My prefered method of watching
 movies is laserdisc, but if anyone wants to donate a DVD player to
 me, I'd be more than happy to accept it!  =)
 At the moment, I'm not employed.  If you're intereasted in hiring,
 send me an e-mail!  My contact info is around here somewhere.  
 I graduated from Atholton High School in Columbia in 1997.  I 
 previously attended Wilde Lake Middle School (also in Columbia), and 
 St. John the Baptist in Montgomery county.
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What The Devil...

 I've often heard that "Monty Python & The Holy Grail" is funnier
 when you're drunk, but I don't drink, so I wouldn't know...  
 As I mentioned above, I'm a big fan of movies.  Some of my favorites
 include the Star Wars Trilogy, the Indiana Jones Trilogy, Clerks,
 Independence Day, Highlander, Braveheart, Fierce Creatures, American 
 President, Silverado, and of course, The Princess Bride.
 For TV shows I'm a bit more selective.  Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is
 a favorite of mine (but I *loathe* Voyager), as is the new Highlander
 spin-off...but more on that later...
 I collect the new line of Star Wars action figures, known as POTF2.  
 I don't have a complete collection (money, money, money...), but I am
 looking forward to the new Lego sets due out this January.  Of course,
 then I'm going to be a Lego Maniac for a little while...but hey, who
 wants to grow up?  I know I don't!
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