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Darius has appeared in the following
five episodes of Highlander: The Series.

"Band of Brothers"
"For Tommorow We Die"
"The Beast Below"
"Saving Grace"

He is also a major character in the
Highlander: The Series novel "Shadows
of Obsession" written by Rebecca

(As Duncan MacLeod appeared when he met
Darius for the first time at Waterloo)

Jeff's Highlander: The Series 

A popular myth about the episode 
the "Hunters" is that the reason
Darius was killed is that Werner
Stocker was too sick to appear.
In fact, it had been planned from
the beginning that Darius would
die in the episode, however the
original script featured him more
than the one that was filmed, and
he was not killed until the end
of the episode.  

	DARIUS (Werner Stocker)

	Darius was once a great warrior general, who helped overthrow the 
Roman Empire.  He took a student in the form of Grayson (James Horan), 
and his armies surrounded Paris.  At the Gates of Paris, Darius was 
challenged by Emrys, the oldest living Immortal at the time.  Darius 
took Emry’s head and experienced a “light Quickening”, causing him to 
renounce the ways of the warrior and take up the robes of the priest.  
By doing this, he made Grayson an enemy forever.

	(Darius & Duncan at Waterloo)

	Darius met Duncan MacLeod at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.  
MacLeod stayed with Darius for almost a year before traveling to the 
New World.  Darius knew of Ursa, the mysterious “monster” Immortal with
a beautiful singing voice.  Darius was beheaded in 1993 by James Horton, 
a renegade Watcher.  

WERNER STOCKER (April 1955 - May 1993)

Werner Stocker was born in April, 1955 in Flintsbach, Bavaria
and studied acting at both the New Munich Acting School and
the Falckenberg School.  His acting career began in 1978 with
a role in "Les Rebelles".  He later worked on several German
TV series, winning the role of Darius in 1992.  Werner became
too sick to report to the set to film the season finale, and the
script had too be hurridly rewritten.  A month and a half later,
Werner Stocker died of a cerebral tumor.  He had never married
and had no children.

Darius has been mourned by Immortals.