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Charlie appeared in the following 
episodes of "Highlander: The 

	1st Season
“Eye For An Eye”
“The Zone”
“Revenge of the Sword”
“Run For Your Life”
“The Fighter”
“Bless the Child”
“Unholy Alliance part 1”
“Unholy Alliance part 2”

	3rd Season
“Line of Fire”

	4th Season
“Brothers in Arms”

(Charlie, dying, is comforted by 

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	Charlie De Salvo grew up rough, in an area of Seacouver known as 
the Zone.  Half black and half Italian, Charlie was forced to learn to 
fight the black kids who beat him up because they thought he was 
Italian and the Italian kids for the opposite reason.  He joined the 
Navy and became one of the elite Navy SEALs.  
	Leaving the SEALs, Charlie raised enough money to build a dojo in 
Seacouver.  Unfortunatly, he was forced to sell it.  The buyer turned 
out to be Duncan MacLeod, who kept Charlie on to run the place (“Eye 
For An Eye”).
	In the first six months or so that Charlie knew MacLeod he watched
his boss: get knocked unconscious and tossed into freezing cold water 
(“The Zone”), take a bullet in the heart (“Unholy Alliance”), and come 
back from all of that in one piece and alive.

	(In happier times, Joe Dawson and Charlie pose for a photo.)

	Charlie left MacLeod’s employ in the episode “Revolutionary” to 
fight the good fight in the Balkans with the love of his life, Mara.  Mara 
was killed by Andrew Cord, a corrupt weapons’ dealer, in “Brothers in 
Arms” and Charlie tracked him back to Seacouver where he tried to kill 
him.  Instead, Cord killed Charlie.  As he lay dying, MacLeod finally 
told Charlie the truth about himself: that he was Immortal.  (“Brothers
in Arms”)  


Phil Akin will return to the "Highlander" universe in an upcoming episode
of "Highlander: The Raven" entitled "So Shall Ye Reap".  Welcome back,

Charlie has been mourned by Immortals.