Highlander: Timeline...As told by the Watchers
This is a chronological flashback of events seen/or related to the
Highlander series (The Series & The Raven) and the first movie.  

I hope you enjoy these, and I plan on someday posting a complete
Highlander chronolgy which I am currently working on. 

(The Kurgan dates marked "The Watchers" are taken from a computer
database that Dawson shows MacLeod).  


850 a.d.
Amanda, a "pre" immortal, is killed after she steals from a marked 
plague house.  She is about to be burned when Rebecca Horne, a noble
woman - and Immortal - orders Amanda given to her.  When Amanda
wakes up in Rebecca's abbey (on Holy Ground), Rebecca tells her that
she is Immortal and must learn how to fight with a sword.  She
offers Amanda a bath, and Amanda replies "you mean with water?"
(HTS - "Legacy")

Amanda steals the legendary "Methuselah Stone" and prepares to flee
Rebecca's abbey, but Rebecca intercepts her and challenges her.  
Amanda returns the stone and Rebecca forgives her.  Rebecca is 
amazed that no one has ever forgiven Amanda before.  (HTS - 
"Methuselah's Gift")

853 a.d.
After three years of training, Rebecca tells Amanda that it is time for
her to move on and find other teachers.  She gives Amanda a piece of
the Methuselah Stone to remember her by.  (HTS - "Legacy")

After leaving the abbey, Amanda returns when she is challenged by 
another Immortal, who hunts her.  When she returns to Rebecca, her
teacher tells her that Holy Ground is their sanctuary but they must
not hide from the Game on it.  She tells Amanda that she is "more
than ready" and Amanda goes to fight the Immortal.  She wins and takes
her first head.  (HTS - "Methuselah's Gift")

1182 a.d.
In England, a young boy is part of a family killed by Norman soldiers
collecting taxes.  His name is Kenneth, and he has become an Immortal
thanks to a sword thrust through the chest.  Amanda finds him and 
teaches him how to survive by being cunning and using his innocent face
to take advantage of others.  (HTS - "Reunion")

Kenneth (Kenny) is off collecting food when a group of soldiers arrests
Amanda.  She and Kenny had been waylaying tax collectors.  She is hung,
and the soldiers see Kenny and give chase. He manages to get away, but
despite their efforts, he and Amanda don't see each other again for
centuries, and both believed the other to have died...permanently.
(HTS - "Reunion")

The Kurgan, an evil Immortal, arrives in Moscow.  (HTS - "The Watchers")

Kurgan beheads Immortal Ivan Trotski.  (HTS - "The Watchers")

Kurgan and Immortal Stoch Basalok have a run in.  They both survive.
(HTS - "The Watchers")

The Kurgan leaves Moscow for the Scottish Highlands.  (HTS - "The

Connor MacLeod, a pre-Immortal, rides into battle against the rival clan
the Murdocks.  Connor is accompanied by fellow MacLeods Angus and Dugal.
During the battle, Kurgan runs Connor through with his sword, triggering
Connor's Immortality.  Before Kurgan can take Connor's head, Dugal and
Angus knock the monster back and Connor is taken back to Glammis Castle,
where he dies...and then comes back to life.  Believed to be inhabited
by the devil, Connor is cast out of the clan and forced to wander the
Highlands... (HTM - "Highlander")

Connor is living with a young woman named Heather near an old stone
tower when they are found by Immortal Juan Sanchez Villa Lopez 
Ramirez, who tells Connor about his Immortality and how to fight with
a sword.  When Connor is away on a survival trip, Kurgan finds Ramirez
and takes his head and rapes Heather.  When Connor returns, Heather
keeps the rape a secret.  Connor takes Ramirez's katana for his own.
(HTM - "Highlander")

The Kurgan leaves the Scottish Highlands, arriving in Mulan a year
later.  (HTS - "The Watchers")

The Kurgan leaves Mulan.  The Watchers temporarily lose track of 
him.  (HTS - "The Watchers")

In Venice, Duncan MacLeod (of the Clan MacLeod) meets Rebecca Horne
and Amanda Darieux for the first time.  He is suprised not only that
they're women (and Immortal!) but English.  Amanda teases Duncan
about never having been with a woman (he replies: "never in battle,
that is!", and then steals Duncan's purse.  Duncan catches up and 
insists that the three of them go for a drink.  He retrieves his purse
from Amanda's belt and saw that he will pay.  (HTS - "Legacy")

Kurgan beheads Immortal Flavio Parrochi.  (HTS - "The Watchers")

Kurgan arrives in North Africa.  (HTS - "The Watchers")

Sundra Kastagir and the Kurgan have a run in.  (HTS - "The Watchers")

Duncan MacLeod (of the Clan MacLeod) is in Turkey where he is being
wooed by a sultan for a lucrative position in his palace as a military
strategist.  But when Amanda (a dancing girl) is in danger of having
her hands chopped off for theft (what else?), Duncan intervenes and
saves her.  He is shot in the rear by an arrow (ouch), and Amanda
tries to comfort him by telling him that it was a small arrow.  He 
holds up the arrow (which had a rather large tip).  (HTS - "Finale
part 2")

The Kurgan leaves North Africa.  The Watchers again lose him, and his
whereabouts are mostly unknown until 1985.  (HTS - "The Watchers")

1804 (no exact date given)
Amanda and Duncan MacLeod (of the Clan MacBride) are living together
in a Bavarian Inn in Europe.  While MacLeod is away (headhunting?),
Amanda takes on another lover - an Immortal named Zachary Blaine.  
Amanda tells some stories about MacLeod, and Blaine wants his head.  
When MacLeod returns, Amanda frames him for stealing jewelry and flees
with Zachary.  She later frames him for her own death and he is 
imprisoned.  Suprise, suprise, he vows to have his revenge.  (HTS - 
"Lady and the Tiger")

1888 - 1889
Immortal Kit O'Brady owns a gambling casino named the Double Eagle in
San Francisco.  Duncan MacLeod (of the Clan MacEarchen) is gambling
in the casino when Amanda comes in, pretending to have no gambling
skills and very little grasp of the English language.  She talks her
way into a game and winds up winning the deed to the Double Eagle.  
She changes the name of the casino to the Queen of Spades and refuses
to return Kit's lucky coin.  He sets off for Alaska on a steamer.  
A year later, MacLeod tries to convince his friend Alec Hill (also an
Immortal) to come to the Queen of Spades following the death of Hill's
wife at the hands of Immortal Kragen, who escaped alive.  When the
Queen of Spades later burns down, Amanda believes Kit was responsible
(even though the steamer sunk and he was underwater at the time).  
(HTS - "Double Eagle/Haunted")

Amanda and Duncan MacLeod (of the Clan MacCloud) are in the circus
together.  Amanda gets mad and leaves the circus and Mac tags along, 
trying to talk her into going back.  The two run across Cory Raines,
an Immortal and modern-day "Robin Hood".  Amanda and Cory go off across
the midwest robbing banks (and getting killed) and Mac follows them,
digging them up.  (HTS - "Money No Object")

Duncan MacLeod is in Berlin, smuggling a scientist out, when he is 
reunited with Amanda, who has stolen a U.S. $20 mint plate.  MacLeod
helps her escape Germany (leaving him to face the oncoming Nazi's!)  
She tells him that she will never forget this kind act, but he replies
"yes you will."  (HTS - "Return of Amanda")

Three Immortals, Amanda, Duncan MacLeod and Hugh Fitzcairn join
forces to steal the Scottish royal Stone of Scone from Westminster
Abbey in a rather...bungled...attempt.  Fitz and Amanda are arrested,
and MacLeod uses some pull with Number 10 Downey Street to save them.
(HTS - "Stone of Scone")

Amanda steals a Ming dynasty vase for Mario Cardoza, a deadly Immortal
assassin who fancies himself a good cook (although he sometimes thinks
he uses too much garlic).  To keep the theft a secret, Cardoza uses a
bomb to destroy the building the vase was stolen from, killing several
innocents.  Amanda is furious.  Cardoza had promised her that no one 
would be hurt.  He warns her that if she goes against him, he'll
kill her.  (HTR - "Full Disclosure")

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