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		Starting in the first season episode "The Lady and the 
		Tiger",	Amanda Darieux became a welcome irregular regular 
		on the syndicated televsion series "Highlander: The Series" 
		which was based on the 1986 film of the same name.

		 <--- Self Explanitory

		In The Series, Adrian Paul played Duncan MacLeod, a 400 
		year old Immortal who was destined to live forever until 
		someone chopped	off his head.  When very few Immortals 
		are left, they will fight for the Prize.  The victor 
		will be able to rule the world...

			<--- AP as DM

		In The Raven, Elizabeth Gracen reprises her role as 
		Amanda, a thief almost 1,200 years old, who has a 
		bit of a life changing experience when a mortal cop 	
		takes a bullet for her and is killed. 

		 <--- EG as A 

		Paul Johansson plays Nick Wolfe, a cop whose partner 
		took a bullet for a thief.  Fed up with the legal system, 
		he leaves the force at the end of the first episode 
		"Reborn" and goes to work for a guy named Bert Meyers at 
		his private security firm.  

		Can Amanda & Nick work together?  Eh...probably not.


Amanda's Watcher reports that Amanda has been visited times.