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	“The Element of Fire”
	Jason Henderson
	Centuries ago, the Immortal pirate Khordas vowed to destroy MacLeod.  
Evil and insane, Khordas delights in burning his victims inside their 
homes and ships, while he loots the pyres from which he alone can emerge. 
	Nantucket, 1897: Now on an anniversary of blood, this undying 
monster springs an infernal trap around the Highlander.  But the pirate
doesn’t want merely to kill MacLeod.  Unless stopped, Khordas will sear
to cinders everything - and everyone - the Highlander holds dear...

	It’s good to see some fleshing out of the Connor/Duncan teacher/student 
relationship that we see here.  Connor tends to get pushed to the side 
in favor of Duncan (as is want to happen in a “Series” book), but both 
are written true to the characters from the movies and show.


	Ashley McConnell

	For centuries the legendary sword has brought death and the 
Quickening.  A blade forged to steal the blood of princes and Immortals, 
the scimitar has haunted Duncan MacLeod as it has haunted history, 
from the slave markets of the Barbary pirates to Lawrence of Arabia’s 
war against the Turks...
	Now the sword has mysteriously been delivered into Joe Dawson’s 
hands.  With it come instructions that tell Dawson - a member of the 
Watchers, the secret society of mortals who have observed Immortals 
through history - to give the scimitar to Duncan MacLeod.  Is the 
scimitar meants as a challenge, a warning, or a salute across the 
centuries from one Immortal to another?
	This book is okay, but hardly great.  The explanation of how 
MacLeod got to Algiers in “Finale pt. 1” is fantastic.  The story is 
told mostly in flashbacks, which is also fantastic.  


	“Scotland the Brave”
	Jennifer Roberson

	MacLeod is drawn into a conspiracy of Immortals on a militant quest
to win back the independence that Scotland lost, centuries ago, at 
Culloden.  For her own reasons, Immortal Annie Devlin has already 
answered the ancient call of the clans.  But if Duncan follows, he 
risks being drawn into a web of obsession, madness, and murder.  For 
the Immortal who is masterminding the campaign will be satisfied with 
nothing less than Duncan MacLeod’s heart and soul...and undying loyalty.

	James Douglas is the evil, twisted Immortal whose plot this all is.  
And what a villain he is - charisma and danger all in one.  Roberson is 
a great writer who has a great grasp of the Highlander universe, who 
knows how to weave a complex story with multiple storylines (especially
the Elvis one).  If you only read one Highlander novel, read this one.


	“Measure of a Man”
	Nancy Holder

	Niccolo Machiavelli was history’s greatest manipulator, whose only 
mortality was “might makes right.”  He played princes against kings, 
controlling all by lies and corrupted love.  What if such a man were 
	In Venice, 1655, MacLeod tested his wit and honor against Machiavelli 
and learned that his opponent would stop at no betrayal to achieve his 
ends.  Now Machiavelli has plane to dominate the entire mortal world.  
Then why has the Prince of Lies dared the Highlander to stop him?

	This story is...missing...a lot.  It jumps quite a bit, and the end
fight and Quickening are described in piece meal.  To be honest, this 
seems like a “Mary Sue” story.  It is my least favorite of the novels.



	“The Path”
	Rebecca Neason
	It is said that the Dalai Lama is immortal, in his own way: repeatedly 
reincarnated with his memories of past lives intact.  Will the current 
incarnation of the Dalai Lame remember the Duncan MacLeod he met in 1781?  
And will he greet him as a friend - or an enemy?
	In 1781 Duncan MacLeod was a weary traveler trying to escape the memory 
of too many European battlefields.  Reaching Tibet’s holy city of Lhasa, 
he found peace in a woman’s love, an ancient land’s eternal wisdom, and 
friendship with the Dalai Lama.  Until a bloodthirsty Immortal turned his 
unstoppable army toward Tibet...and the head of the Highlander.

	I didn’t like this book when I first read it.  Then I re-read it (and 
yes, I did reread “Measure of a Man” as well) and liked it a lot better.  
The story is again, mostly set in the past, and is well detailed.  Rebecca 
has a good grasp of the Highlander characters, and everyone acts and talks 
as they should.   


	Donna Letow

	The Hebrew warrior Avram Mordecai has defended his people since the
Roman siege of Masada, through 2000 years of Diaspora, ghettos, 
pogroms, and the Holocaust.  And MacLeod has fought beside him, saving 
Jews from the Nazis in World War II.  Now the Highlander is protecting 
a beautiful Palestinian diplomat at peace talks that the Zealot has 
vowed to disrupt by any means - including murder...

	This was again a book I had to read twice to fully appreciate.  
Mordecai is a deadly, and explosive man in a calm exterior.  We also 
get to see Marcus Constantine (“Pharoah’s Daughter”) again, and get 
flashbacks with both Marcus and MacLeod. 



	“Shadow of Obsession”
	Rebecca Neason

	Once the Immortal Darius was a brutal warrior and the terror of 
Europe.  Then outside the gates of Paris, a transformation took place, 
and Darius became a saintly man of peace.  His teachings touched many 
lives - including the Highlander’s.  Now, to honor his friend’s memory,
MacLeod protects Victor Paulus, a mortal who carries on Darius’ legacy.
But Darius left another legacy - a thwarted ex-lover who spent centuries 
plotting against Darius, who has sword to destroy anyone he called a 
friend.  Starting with Victor Paulus and Duncan MacLeod...

	Darius!!  Wahoo!  The flashbacks are from the point of view of 
Darius, Grayson and a “guest Immie” named Callestina.  There’s an 
expansion of the two flashbacks from “Band of Brothers”.  Again, 
Rebecca shows that she knows how to write Highlander, and I’m looking 
forward to her next novel (the sooner the better).


	“The Captive Soul”
	Josepha Sherman

	Over three thousand years ago, Methos helped the Egyptian pharoahs 
in their battle against sadistic Hyksos overlords.  Then he fought 
Khyan, an Immortal Hyksos prince, but failed to take his head.  Now a 
deadly madman stalks modern New York City, hunting an ancient sword, 
killing all who stand in his way.  It can only be Khyan, seeking 
revenge.  If Methos does not destroy this darkness from his past, he, 
Duncan MacLeod, and indeed all Immortal will be doomed...

	Hey!  Lots of Methos flashbacks!  This is a good book, but not 
without its own flaws.  Josepha knows how to write Methos, though, and 
he is a scheming bastard like always.  The look back at his life (1570 
b.c.) is very intereasting if vague.  


NOVELS based on the MOVIE

“The Classic Novel of the Classic Motion Picture”
        Garry Kilworth
  	McLeod is the Highlander - a 16th century warrior,
		the noblest of the Immortals.
	Ramirez - the Spanish peacock - showed him his destiny and taught him swordplay.
	Heather loved him.
	But the Kurgan sought them out in McLeod’s wild homeland, and dealt Ramirez 
		the only death an Immortal can suffer - decapitation.
	Now, the Immortals are Gathering.

	Seven lifetimes later in modern New York, the last of the Immortals face the 
		final contest.
	One of them will recieve The Prize they have awaited since the dawn of history.  
		The others must perish.
	The Kurgan is strong - with the strength of total evil.
	Finally, only McLeod has the power to destroy him - and save the Earth from an 
		era of chaos and darkness.

The novel is intereasting, with a few flashbacks not seen (or mentioned) in the film.  
The “buzz” does not exist.  During the scene in the Garden, MacLeod is LOOKING for 
“familiar faces” in the crowd.  The back cover was copied verabtim, thankfully they 
put in the “Mac” for the book.  


So word if there even WILL be novels based on "Raven".
If anyone knows anything...please send me word.  My contact
information is on my Main Highlander Page (link at the bottom of
this page).  Thank you!




	“White Silence”
	Ginjer Buchanan

	It’s 1889, and the gold rush has hit Canada.  	
	Feeling restless, Duncan MacLeod agrees to travel north with his 
old friend Hugh Fitzcairn and Fitz’s young student, Danny, in search 
of gold, adventure and the Northern Lights.  When the group is lost in 
the relentless and frigid blizzards of the Yukon, they discover that 
even an Immortal can fall prey to the agony of starvation and madness. 
Their quest has turned into an endless frozen nightmare from which 
death cannot save them...

Lost in a Blizzard...together...uh oh!

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