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In 1992, Mac was living with Tessa.

<--- Mac & Tessa

They took in a young thief named Richie Ryan, who would someday
become Immortal.  At the same time, Duncan was reunited with his
kinsman, Connor.

Richie --->   <--- Duncan --->   <--- Connor

Mac, Tessa and Richie moved to Paris, where Mac was reunited with
Darius, who was later killed.

Mac & Darius ---> 

Mac, Tessa and Richie returned to Seacouver to find out who killed
Darius.  Mac met the mysterious Watchers, who observed and recorded
but "never" interfered.  With the help of Joe Dawson, the man who
killed Darius was brought to justice.

<--- Joe Dawson helped kill his brother in law.  

Tessa died and Richie became Immortal.  Mac remembered how he got his

<--- Hideo Koto gives MacLeod his sword.

Mac started dating a chick
named Anne, who got pregnant from another guy (after she though Mac
was dead) and left Mac.  Around that time, Mac met the oldest living
Immortal, Methos.

Doesn't look very old...does he? --->

Mac returned to Glenfinnen, where he remembered his first love, Debra

<--- Mac & Debra before he knew he was Immortal.

Later, Mac took one head too many and went evil.  Evil Duncan MacLeod
was finally stopped by Methos, who saved "good" Duncan MacLeod.

<--- Evil Duncan MacLeod --- >

Methos' dark past came back to haunt him and Mac helped him destroy
those who haunted him.

<--- His past doesn't leave him alone.

Mac went crazy when he started seeing dead people walking Paris and he
cut off Richie's head.

<--- His teacher/father/best friend killed him

Mac regained his sanity with Joe's help.

He helped Mac regain his sanity --->

Later, Joe and Amanda got kidnapped, and Mac prepared to offer his
own head up to see them spared.  

<--- These are the friends Mac would've died for 

Instead, he got a tour of the world where he had never existed and 
learned he needed to live...

 <--- He gave the tour.

Mac lived, and took Liam O'Rourke's head.

Liam's Quickening ---> 

Mac had flashbacks from his life to the tune of "Bonny Portmore"...

And so ended the Series...

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Mac's life has been traumatized by Immortals