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Sept. 21st (Week of)

Writer: Karen Harris  Director: Ian Toynton  

Elizabeth Gracen as Amanda 
Paul Johansson as Nick Wolfe  
Patricia Gage as Lucy  
Torri Higginson as Claudia Hoffman  
James Purcell as Stanley Ferris
Michael Copeman as Carl Magnus  
Julian Richings as Basil


Sept. 28th (Week of) 

Writer: James Thorpe  Director: Peter Ellis  
Carlo Rota as Mario Cardoza  
Ryan Black as Johnny Tanner  
Michael Copeman as Carl Magnus  
James Copeman as Brand  
Jack Burning as Walter  
Roger Misquadis as Young Walter  

An angry Nick is determined to uncover Amanda's Immortal secret. When 
the murder of a Navajo code-talker throws them together again, the 
trail leads to Mario Cardoza - a master assassin who cannot die. 


Oct. 5th (Week of) 

Writer: James Thorpe  Director: Dennis Berry  
Hannes Jaenicke as Bert Myers  
Carolyn Dunn as Denise Grady  
Cedric Smith as Morgan Kenworthy  
Allan Van Sprang as William Kenworthy  
Bill Lake as Detective Cummings  
Desmond Ellis as Jack  
Patrick Patterson as Warren Grady  

When Nick foils a murder attempt, Denise Grady thinks the "family 
curse" that has killed off the best and brightest of the Gradys is 
finally over.  But when the body disappears, Nick suspects Immortal 
involvement - and Amanda finds herself crossing Nick to protect an old


Oct. 12 (Week of) 

Writer: Karen Harris  Director: Dennis Berry  

Hannes Jaenicke as Bert Myers  
Mark Melymick as Gordon Norris  
Tara Rosling as Marta Antonescu  
James Kee as Stefan Collier  

Amanda and Nick find themselves under cover - as newlyweds.  Stealing 
secret plans, ducking an Immortal out for Amanda's head, not to mention
wanting to strangle each  other - the joys of wedding... 


Oct. 19th (Week of)

Writers: Michael O'Mahony & Sacha Reins  Director: Rene Bonniere  
Elizabeth Gracen as Amanda  
Paul Johansson as Nick Wolfe  
Lawrence Dane as Charlie Johnson, Sr.  
Chuck Shamata as Martin Foster  
Catherine Bruhier as Chase MacAffee  
Frank Pellegrino as Hewlitt  
Carl Marotte as Young Charles  

Amanda convinces Nick to help her do a favor for her old mortal friend,
Charlie Johnson.  A former spy, Charlie recognizes a "Company" job when
he sees one and asks Amanda and Nick to investigate the mysterious 
death of his scientist son.  With four key players in a top-secret 
project dead, it's up to Nick and Amanda to blow the lid of a government 
conspiracy that could affect the world's population... 


Oct. 26th (Week of)

Writer: Frank Encarnacao   Director: George Mendeluk 

Michael Copeman as Carl Magnus 
Julian Richings as Basil Morgan 
Philip Akin as Simon Clark 
John Ralston as Riley Del Deegan  
John Bourgeois as Harmon Frost 

More than 200 years ago, the Maria Rose sank with all hands on board - 
including Amanda.  Now, the ship's salvaged treasure is being sold off. 
Amanda breaks into the auction house to retrieve a locket, given to her
by a former slave - only to be interrupted by amateur thieves who almost 
get them all caught.  While Amanda tracks the stolen locket, Nick pursues
the crooks.  Together, they right a wrong that's more than 275 years 


Nov. 2 (Week of)

Writer: Tibby Rothman  
Director: Rene Bonniere  

Patricia Gage as Lucy Becker  
Michael Copeman as Carl Magnus  
Mark Humphrey as Ray Bonita  
Shary-Lee Guthrie as Angie  
Andrew Jackson as Darryl Keenan

Nick's first homicide case comes back to haunt him.  As a
rookie detective, Nick put away rising baseball player Ray Bonita
for killing his minor league manager.  Now, Bonita's back to
take revenge on the cop who stole his life.  Amanda tries to protect 
Nick, who feels responsible for turning Bonita into a ruthless ex-con, 
especially since he's no longer convinced that the ballplayer was 
guilty in the first place.  


Nov. 9 (Week of)

Patricia Gage as Lucy Becker  
Michael Copeman as Carl Magnus  
Michael Rhoades as John Ray Fielding  
Robert Bockstael as Donald Magnus  

While unofficially investigating the death of Magnus' veteran
brother, Nick crosses paths with John Ray Fielding, an Immortal 
soldier seeking justice for wrongful acts done in the heat of battle.  
Back in World War I, Amanda inadvertently caused John Ray's first 
death, and the deaths of every man in his battalion, by stealing a 
pouch filled with jewels -- and orders to retreat.  With Nick's help, 
Amanda faces John Ray, and the fatal consequences of her actions.  

Nov. 16 (Week of)

Patricia Gage as Lucy Becker  
Hannes Jaenicke as Bert Myers  
Anne Marie Loder as Katherine  
Mark Strange as Ludwig Weiss  
Michael Johnson as Dieter Keller

While Nick's out of town, Bert Myers, Nick's sometime employer,  
convinces Amanda to help him with a simple break-in - a break-in that's
soon complicated by blackmail and murder.  Nick and Amanda find  
themselves pitted against a group of deadly assassins as Myers' past  
comes back to haunt him - and them.  

Nov. 23 (Week of)

Cast/production credits & synopsis coming later.

	Basil & Lucy 


	Jim Byrnes (as Joe Dawson) will introduce the "Watchers" to 
	Highlander: The	Raven in episode #12.  It is not yet known which, 
	if any, other Raven episodes Jim will appear in.  Peter Wingfield 
	(Methos) turned down a guest-spot in episode #13, which will be 
	filmed in Paris, due to a scheduling conflict.

	Both Peter and Jim had expressed interest in appearing in "Raven".  
	Adrian Paul	has expressed an interest in directing upcoming "Raven" 


This was posted on AOL and blanket permission was given to repost it. 
It was posted by Val's publicist: 

Valentine Pelka flew into Toronto Monday to film a two-parter of "The
Raven"; the last episode shot in Vancouver, as well as the first in 
France. He will NOT be playing Kronos, in any form, but a new Immortal,
named Andre Korda! These Episodes are titled "A Matter of Time" (Canada) 
Episode 12, and "The French Connection", Episode 13 (guess where)  
A characterization of Andre Korda will be forthcoming. 

I spoke to David Abramowitz' office this week, to get his "Character 
Summary" of Valentine's Andre Korda, as well as a few comments on 
Valentine for the press I am handling in Toronto. All were quite 
splendid, but I find that anything David says/writes, IS! So here is 
all... "Andre Korda - A master of martial arts, brilliant with a sword,
charismatic, completely without conscience. A hundred years ago, he 
offered Amanda a chance to join him - or die! It's an offer a girl 
can't refuse." 

And the glowing comments on Val were: "Some actors have the ability to 
pop off the screen and give you even more than you hope for. Valentine 
is one of them". And the other because a journalist was questioning 
"Kronos" vs "Andre Korda", David said " On Highlander, The Series, 
Valentine brought the character of Kronos to life. We're sure he'll do 
the same for Andre Korda on Highlander: The Raven." 

  Please feel free to post this to any interested 
  Highlander area but please do it in its entirety. 

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