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	 <--- An Immie poses with his sword

	They have walked among us for centuries, hiding in the shadows of 
	our civilizations.  They battle each other in one on one combat...

	 <--- Dueling Immies ---> 
	armed only with their swords. 

	 <--- A sword
	The winner takes the loser's head, and recieves their power in the 
	lightening storm known as the Quickening.  
	 <--- Two different Quickenings ---> 

 	The ancient prophecy of the Immortals will be furfilled when 
	only one is left alive, for in the end, there can be only one!

	 < ---	Many hope that he will be the One.

	The Watchers are a secret society of men and women who observe Immortals
	lives but never interfere...

	< --- A Watcher  The Watcher symbol --- >

	The travels of the Immortals have been documented in three movies, 
	and two television series.

	The TV MacLeod --- >  < --- The movie MacLeod. 
	Why do I have a ticket stub for "Urban Legends" 
	on a Highlander page?  Click it	to find out!


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